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Chandelier Removals & Installation

The dismantling, packing and moving of chandeliers is a task frequently undertaken by the company, both in the capacity of sub-contractor to the largest removal companies and Auction Houses, and also on a private bases for clients not wishing to entrust valuable goods to those untrained to move chandeliers.

Each and every component is removed from the fitting, individually labelled and packed.

Very often we remove good into our companies short- or long- term storage facility which is climate controlled prior to the final locating being made ready to hang the chandeliers.

For the installation regulations differ according to the location a chandelier is to be used, we consciously apply the correct code of practice to each fitting individually. 

Certain fittings merely require a good sound base. Others require slightly more, and in these instances, we would install specially manufactured steel plates or steel beams.

Our service includes onsite visits to survey electrical feeds and weight loading, measure for a plate or beam, revealing the static point, installation of steel plate/beam, bolts and eye bolt, installation of chandelier or fitting onto the static point.

Safety is paramount when installing any fitting and providing the above criteria is carefully followed together with the installation of a safety cable from the top of the chandelier to the node point, one can be sure in the knowledge that safety of not only the chandelier but also personnel has been fully covered.

All installation components are fully certified and certificated.

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