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Chandelier Cleaning Onsite

Our fully security cleared, and qualified personnel carry out on site cleaning worldwide. We do not and would never endorse spraying of chandeliers and fittings as this can cause severe damage to electrical wiring together with metal damage. In most cased each piece of glass is dismantled from the chandelier, leaving only the stem and frame to be cleaned in situ.


This we would clean with our special cleaning fluid manufactured for our sole use. The fluid is environmentally friendly. Each component of glass is then cleaned and hand polished before being reassembled onto the chandelier.

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At the time of cleaning a carefully inspection of the condition of the wiring and components is carried out and should any faults be found a written report is prepared for the attention of the client.

All access and safety barrier equipment necessary for the sensitive locations is supplied by us and included for free within our quotations.

All our onsite activities are fully covered by our comprehensive worldwide insurance.

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