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The main differences between full lead crystal and soda glass.

1. Full lead crystal: Full lead crystal contains a significant amount of lead oxide, typically around 24% or more. This high lead content gives the crystal its characteristic sparkle, weight, and clarity.
2. Soda glass: Soda glass, also known as soda-lime glass, is made from a mixture of sand (silica), soda ash (sodium carbonate), and limestone (calcium carbonate). It does not contain lead oxide.
1. Brilliance and sparkle: Full lead crystal is prized for its brilliance and sparkle, which is due to the high lead content. When light passes through lead crystal, it refracts and disperses in a way that creates a dazzling effect. Soda glass, while transparent, does not have the same level of sparkle as lead crystal.

2. Weight: Full lead crystal is heavier than soda glass due to its lead content. This weightiness contributes to its perceived quality and luxurious feel.
3. Sound: When tapped, lead crystal produces a distinctive, resonant "ping" due to its crystalline structure, while soda glass produces a duller sound.
1. Full lead crystal: Traditionally, full lead crystal has been used to make fine glassware, such as wine glasses, decanters, and chandeliers, due to its luxurious appearance and properties.
2. Soda glass: Soda glass is commonly used for everyday items like drinking glasses, windows, and containers due to its lower cost and ease of production.
1. Full lead crystal: Due to its lead content, there are concerns about using lead crystal for storing beverages, as the lead can potentially leach into the liquid over time, especially with acidic beverages like wine or fruit juices.

2. Soda glass: Soda glass is considered safe for food and beverage use, as it does not contain lead.
In summary, the main differences between full lead crystal and soda glass are their composition, properties, traditional uses, and safety considerations.
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